Would you like to provide your guests a comfortable seat, but you have space problems? LG Lesmo's retractable chairs are space-saving: they are the Duplex! You can use them every day, keeping them around the table in your living room or kitchen and, if necessary, split them in two comfortable chairs! You will leave your guests open-mouthed!

One, two, Duplex!

Simply unbelievable: built in real solid ash wood, this chair can double itself when opened, ensuring a comfortable two-person seat, and weighs so little when closed! The perfect combination of quality, durability and practicality! Seeing is believing! With the retractable chairs LG Lesmo aims to make you sit comfortably on an innovative, personalized but above all comfortable furniture item, revolutionizing your concept of space and traditional sitting. The retractable chairs are ideal to keep next to a dining table or a desk and, moreover, they are extremely comfortable as they are confortable even for the highest people. LG Lesmo has conceived the design chairs for those who prefer an always open chair and have their own posture at heart: the proportions of the structure, in particular between depth and height, are specially designed to guarantee a natural back support.

Discover the finishes catalogue: customize your colored space-saving chairs.

You can customize your wooden chairs with the eco-leather color that you like: you can choose from the wide range of eco-leathers available, over 20 different colors to let your imagination run free. The special eco-leather used to make the retractable chairs has really formidable technical characteristics: it's resistant to low temperatures up to -23 °C, it's elastic and waterproof, it's repellent and antibacterial. Play with colors and combinations and create your own custom duplex!








Double chair

Duplex folding chairs: the ergonomic chairs

Our transformable proposal to guarantee a seat for all your guests: unexpected and even doubled! Here are our retractable chairs, they'll surprise you! Built in solid ash wood, they are elegant items with modern and refined lines: unique and built for you! You can make endless combinations, completely customizing 100% the wood and eco-leather color! LG Lesmo shows you the ideal solution to ensure many seats, taking up very little space. A complete, rigid chair that accompanies even the sitting position of the highest and most demanding people!
Double chair detail

New look: change with retractable chairs

The retractable chairs by Lg Lesmo are the new style and functionality proposals, built with passion to guarantee quality, comfort and durability! They can easily integrate with the existing home furnishings: in fact, they are totally customizable in wood and eco-leather color. Duplex space-saving chairs are created for everyday use: the solid ash used guarantees a load of 180 kg! Far beyond any expectations!
Double chair eco leather detail
Double chair wood detail

Retractable chair, practical and functional

The retractable chairs are at first sight a single chair, with a modern and refined style. In reality it's much much more: it's a project developed years ago by LG Lesmo and that today sees its extraordinary evolution! A sturdy structure in solid ash wood guarantees its solidity, a precious eco-leather base guarantees the comfort, and the years of experience in the field of transformable furniture guarantee the ability to create a space-saving chair that doubles! Everyone will be speechless!

Duplex chairs: double the comfort in half the space!

Are you looking for a space-saving solution for your chairs, without turning upside-down your furniture? Would you like to decide how many people to invite without worrying about the number of seats you have available? From today, with LG Lesmo, you can: the solution is called Duplex! The retractable chairs we produce are designed for those who don't want only a beautiful chair, but also durable, valuable and above all that never occupies more space than necessary! If you always want to be able to accommodate more guests than expected, always in a comfortable way and above all always saving valuable space, you have found what you were looking for! Duplex is designed to double the comfort, but in half the space!
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