The LG Lesmo wooden folding chairs are what you need if you want to furnish your home with artisanal, transformable, foldable and space-saving items (perhaps in combination with one of LG Lesmo's extendable tables). We realize these innovative items using only real solid ash wood, integrating the seat and, optionally, the backrest with a high-quality eco-leather padding. Make your modern LG Lesmo folding wooden chairs unique by choosing the wood and padding color!

Made in Italy becomes foldable.

The wooden folding chairs created especially for you by LG Lesmo, are made of solid ash wood that is later dyed with the desired finish, if it's not left natural. Our folding wooden chairs are available in many different versions to meet different needs in terms of style and finish: select the wood and eco-leather color, in order to create the perfect match and furnish your home with style! We also offer a solution for storing your chairs: a high-quality container cabinet (4 or 6 chairs) to be placed next to the armrest of the sofa or wherever you want. The solution to saving space in a practical and intelligent way, preferring quality, has a name: LG Lesmo!

Discover the finishes catalogue: wooden folding chairs made as you want!

At LG Lesmo we want to satisfy your every need with the wooden folding chairs, that's why we offer a wide range of finishes and colors. The structure of the folding chairs, entirely made of fine high quality solid ash wood, can be left "natural" or dyed with the desired color so that it can be matched with each of our wood finishes. Decorate your space with style and elegance! If our samples don't satisfy you, ask us for the color you want! We'll also produce custom colors for you! Get advice from our color matching experts to create your own custom folding chair that will fit perfectly into your environment!
Wooden folding chairs

Folding just 5 cm!

At LG Lesmo we are familiar with domestic dynamics: even in larger spaces there is always the possibility of improving the furniture layout to save precious space; imagine in limited spaces! So here is the tailor-made solution to every need: wooden folding chairs that can be closed in just a few seconds and occupying only 5 cm in thickness! From today you can keep in the space of a shoe cabinet or a small piece of furniture up to 6 chairs in resistant solid ash, perhaps in the appropriate LG Lesmo precious container cabinet.
Wooden folding chairs detail

Wooden, yet super comfortable folding chairs

The design of the wooden folding chairs is unique and modern. Easily integrated into existing furniture thanks to the possibility of wood and eco-leather color customization, these chairs guarantee comfort as well as excellent resistance in the seat. The LG Lesmo transformable chairs can be easily used every day: the quality of the used materials, in fact, allows them to withstand even particularly intense use without problems. Each chair can hold up to 120 kg!
Wooden folding chairs base detail
Wooden folding chairs top detail

Ergonomic and practical folding chairs

Password: functionality! The wooden folding chairs are not only unique items with refined lines and fine workmanship, but are above all practical and resistant! You can say enough to compromises: LG Lesmo provides you with the ideal solution to ensure many seats taking up very little space! Foldable but also ergonomic: our evolved space-saving chairs feature, especially in the Riquadro version, some expedients designed for taller people. Eco-leather padded seat but also a tilting and revolving wooden backrest!









Folding design chairs with surprising features!

Simply incredible: a convertible chair that takes up less than the width of a smartphone when closed! Store where you prefer your LG Lesmo design folding chairs in real solid ash wood! The super-contained but well-distributed weight of our design folding chairs guarantees a safe, comfortable seat and now even transportable: we've been making our customers comfortable for over twenty years. The right size to handle them when closed, to sit in a correct and comfortable way, to have enough space when moving around the table: there is almost the doubt that they're not folding chairs! The design folding chairs guarantee a sufficiently high seat for a standard table, providing a useful back support: the tilting wooden frame perfectly accompanies the seat of the taller people. What are you waiting for? Request now a free quote for your folding seats!
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