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LG Lesmo was founded in 1988 as a custom-made Italian furniture manufacturer and interior design company.

Since 2004, we have been specializing in the production of just a few handcrafted products that represent the high quality of Italian furniture and extreme attention to details, typical of the best Brianza's artisans. Our interior design masterpieces fascinate both Italians and foreigners, which gives our designers and artisans a great satisfaction. Our leading product is the Magic Table: a small and elegant coffee table, which can be converted into a dining table to seat up to 14 people.

The Magic Table, made entirely of real wood and available in various sizes, is fully customizable to reflect the customer’s individual needs and taste. In just a few seconds, this original piece of furniture of unconventional design transforms into a large dining table ready to meet not only your friends and family but also all your needs and expectations.

To the customers looking for an optimal space-saving solution, LG Lesmo offers the compact console tables, which placed against the wall take up very little space but, once extended, they become almost 3,80-meter long real dining tables.

The Magic Table and the console tables are matched with our sturdy folding chairs made of the same solid beech wood. The chairs, with their inclined seats and reclining backrests, are a comfortable solution for people of any height and stature.

Once used, you can fold and store them anywhere, since in their reclined position they are just 5-cm wide. LG Lesmo’s identifying symbol has always been the Hand Armchair, a real sculpture, made of 70 solid phloem wood blocks and hand-finished by Brianza’s expert carpenters.

Our designers are also proud creators of the extendable dining table, which from the size of a normal kitchen table expands to reach a maximum length of 5 meters. This outcome seems almost incredible if you consider that there are no additional support table legs, and that our base structure is enough to maintain all the weight.

LG Lesmo is proud to deviate from current trade policies that often promote the production of disposable goods: its products are designed and manufactured with the best materials only. Our goal is to provide our customers with long-lasting, highly functional products made of the best materials and with the greatest care, which represents the excellence of the Italian furniture.

LG Lesmo is one of the best Italian furniture manufacturers. Each day, our developers encounter new challenges, which allows them to create outstanding products to meet the needs of those who face space issues of living in contemporary homes. LG Lesmo helps you to create a welcoming, functional home environment by proposing new and appealing solutions – all in just a few square meters.


In 1988, Luciano Feniello and his collaborators presented the first Magic Table model at furniture fairs: its component parts were lifted with an electric mechanism that used a power cable and a remote control. Since then, LG Lesmo designers have passionately developed the product and have emerged as leaders in convertible table production.





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  Via XXV Aprile 10, Lesmo (MB) - Italy

  +39. 039 6064996   


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