For over 25 years LG Lesmo has been working in the field of transformable furniture. The extendable tables and space-saving chairs production company offers many smart solutions to gain space at home, such as extendable tables up to 16 seats, modern extendable consoles, original folding chairs, incredible Duplex chairs that double or functional Fold'n'Flip, the painting that turns into a coat hanger. All the made in Italy quality, 100% customizable.


Italian furniture manufacturers
LG Lesmo presents the first magic table model, powered with electricity: the first convertible coffee table that was labelled by the press as "the table of the future".
Italian furniture manufacturers chairs
LG Lesmo presents a restyling of the previous folding chair model: they are entirely made of solid beech wood, 4.5 cm thick when closed and available in three versions (wood, elastic and squares).
Italian furniture manufacturers table
LG Lesmo presents the first Duplex chair models and the first 5-meter extendable table, with base-integrated extensions and a payload of 120 kg per square meter.
Italian furniture manufacturers custom
LG Lesmo improves the wood-printing technique used to decorate table surfaces and presents the first model of extendable console with the "painting" extension: the 4 printed extensions were hung individually on the wall. The table reached the maximum extension of 2.60 meters.
Italian furniture manufacturers custom table
LG Lesmo presents the Artwork Table, a restyling of a previous table model to hang on the wall. The poplar plywood top makes the structure resistant and ultra-light.
Italian furniture manufacturers custom console
LG Lesmo presents the first console table extendable up to 3 meters with painting extensions: a new anchoring system allows you to keep all the panels in a single block. By 2011 the system will also be applied to the magic tables.
Italian furniture manufacturers cofee table
LG Lesmo presents the first modern magic table model, the coffee table that turns into a 14-person dining table with an ultra-modern finish.
Italian furniture manufacturers
LG Lesmo presents the first magic table model with crystal top, extendable up to 14 seats.
Italian furniture manufacturers soft chair
LG Lesmo presents the restyling of the previous 2008 folding chair model. An eco-leather covered padding increases the level of comfort of the chairs, keeping unchanged the functional characteristics and dimensions.
To see the product go to the FOLDING CHAIRS page.
Italian furniture manufacturers duble chairs
LG Lesmo presents the MULTIFORM TABLE, a table that has the extensions stored inside the base and multiplies its surface with two different configurations.
During the same year the restyling of the previous 2009 DUPLEX CHAIR model was presented: a considerably lighter structure and a new design with an eco-leather upholstered seat.
Italian furniture manufacturers
LG Lesmo presents the ARREDO CASA SICURA project, to make people aware about home security issues, both in catastrophic circumstances such as earthquakes and floods, and in less serious but more frequent conditions, such as domestic accidents and minor accidents.


LG Lesmo was founded in 1988 as a custom-made Italian furniture manufacturer and interior design company. Since 2004, we have been specializing in the production of just a few handcrafted products that represent the high quality of Italian furniture and extreme attention to details, typical of the best Brianza's artisans. Our interior design masterpieces fascinate both Italians and foreigners, giving our designers and artisans a great satisfaction.
Our leading product is the Magic Table: a small and elegant finely inlayed coffee table, which can be converted into a dining table to seat up to 14 people. Available in various sizes, which always reflect the customer’s individual needs and taste, it's entirely made of real wood and is fully customizable in every detail.
In a few seconds, with a simple gesture, from an original piece of furniture you get a fully-fledged table, around which you can gather for lunch or do any other activity. If the customer prefers a more compact solution instead, LG Lesmo satisfies him creating reduced size console tables: placed against the wall they take up very little space and when needed they become actual tables, with an extension that reaches up to 4.76 meters. The Magic Table and the console tables are matched with our sturdy folding chairs made of the same solid beech wood: a comfortable stuffed seat and a reclining backrest allow a comfortable position even for taller people; once used, you can fold and store them anywhere, since in their reclined position they are just 5-cm wide.
LG Lesmo’s identifying symbol has always been the Hand Armchair, a real sculpture made of 70 solid linden wood blocks and hand-finished with Brianza’s expert carpenters mastery. Our designers are also proud of the creation of a dining table that, from the size of a normal kitchen table, expands to reach a maximum length of 5 meters.
LG Lesmo is proud to deviate from current trade policies that provide for the production of disposable objects: its products are designed and manufactured with the best materials only, in order to be long-lasting and to serve the customer at anytime.
Each day, our developers encounter new challenges, which allows them to create new and appealing solutions; that meet the needs of those who face space issues in contemporary; in just a few square meters LG Lesmo creates a welcoming home environment, in which functionality is dominant.


In 1988, Luciano Feniello and his partners presented the first Magic Table model at furniture fairs: it lifted with an electric mechanism that used a power cable and a remote for remote control. Since then, LG Lesmo designers have passionately developed the product and have emerged as leaders in convertible table production.


Extendable tables production: LG Lesmo's space-saving solutions

LG Lesmo offers many space-saving solutions that have been helping Italians for over 25 years to have an organized and functional home. Extendable living room tables, available from 4 up to 16 seats, are the spearhead of our company. Entirely made of real wood and 100% customizable, LG Lesmo extendable tables are a solution for any environment, from the most modern to the most classic. The extendable consoles, modern wall tables available with a depth of 51 or 35 cm, are made of real wood with an anodized aluminium profile rail sliding system in order to reach never seen before extensions: 4.75 cm! The space-saving chairs, made of solid ash, come to occupy only 4.5 cm when closed. Totally customizable in the finish and eco-leather colour, the LG Lesmo space-saving chairs can be easily combined with any furniture style. The duplex chairs, an original solution to have twice the seating in half the space, how? Simple, the duplex chairs are doubled in a few seconds. Eventually the last project of our team, the FnF, a fantastic wall hanger available in different sizes that can store up to 12 coats and jackets. Finished with a print on wood, a mirror or with an author's artwork.


Our extendable tables and space-saving chairs production has always embraced the philosophy of creating non-disposable products, LG Lesmo proposes itself as a solution for the realization of modern space-saving and transformable furniture with a goal: they must be solid and long-lasting. This is why we use only real wood and carefully choose every single material that we use in our projects. Nothing is left to chance. From the anodized aluminium profile rail sliding system to solid ash and beech, to extra-clear crystal to water-based paints. Our products only undergo designed and studied processing steps in order to get the best results. We believe in our company and we never stop trying, testing and planning.
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