We have asked our customers to send us feedback on the purchased product and on the service provided by our company. We care about your opinions and your ideas are incentives to design space-saving furnishings with increasing performance and functionality.


We thank all those who have participated to this collection giveing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our site's visitors, even through the experience of those who have chosen our products.
I recently bought an “folding magic table”, and it’s the second!! I’m very satisfied of it, even this product turned out to be excellent, it lived up to my expectations and to my needs. The delivery was impeccable, the employees were professional and available. I recommend the product to many of my friends.
I bought a table that is extendable for 12 people. It is surely an high quality product that is easy to use. Delivery and instruction on how to use the product was impeccable. There was also included 3 tablecloths in 3 different sizes. Great customer support before and after the order. I highly recommend it.
Good day, my name is Roberto and this morning you delivered me the transformable table. I wanted to write this email thanking you for everything, table and extensions are amazing; you can tell that you work with passion and care!! Thanks again for everything, we'll certainly buy from you again.
The table is truly exceptional! Nothing negative to say. Such attention to detail: my photo on the extension panel is fantastic; it looks like a picture painted by hand! Competence and reliability are the strengths of this company, congratulations!!
Beautiful and durable table... as expected. Even the delivery was carried out on time and in an appropriate manner.
I was looking for a small extendable table that closed... I was looking for this for years and found it, thanks to you! The table is excellent quality, aesthetically pleasing and very functional. On an extendable panel, we printed our photo, and now it is a beautiful painting on the wall. Brilliant idea.
Pleased with this choice for its usefulness. Serious thanks to the company’s staff, from the seller to the editor. Thank you. Recommended.
I am very satisfied with your product, friends are incredulous when they see the picture that turns into a solid table. Thank you!!!!!!
The table is a good solution; it’s a multifunctional product that takes up little space while furnishing gracefully. Comfortable, solid and always at hand, thanks to the ease of lifting system and the extensions.
Two tables in one! …Very practical.
Very practical console table. Small size (100x35), easily extendable with three extensions, solid and durable. Beyond my personal satisfaction, every time my guests see me close it, they are enchanted and ask me who the supplier is.
The magic table was the first furniture I bought, and I built around it in the living room. And it is robust, stylish and practical in a way that most are not. The staff member who helped me did not leave until I learned to open and close the table with my eyes closed. I have rarely seen such serious companies as LG Lesmo, I definitely recommend them.
Hello, we purchased the console table at the Craft Fair of 2013. We chose it among many proposals from different exhibitors. We chose the model that uses a panel printed with a photo, chosen from many very beautiful options. Perfect and complete services of delivery, installation and support! After more than a year of use, we are very satisfied! Thank you.
Good buy. Very functional.
I bought an extendable console table, I picked it up on November 23rd 2016 in Lomagna. I was satisfied with the kindness and helpfulness of the people who assisted me. The product was excellent both for the color (customized cherry) and the quality of the materials.
I bought a mini bordeaux console table with 4 chairs and a chairs container cabinet. High quality product proudly Made in Italy by brianzola carpentry, aeshetically pleasing, modern, good materials and it fits well in your home. The extension with the custom print is a touch of class, unique and trendy. The mini table when closed is 35x85, open it seats 8 people comfortably. The delivery arrived on time and the employees were professional and kind. I appreciated the gift of the anti-stain tablecloth. I recommend without a doubt purchasing this product, very serious company.
We had seen your tables at the Craft Event in Florence. It was even difficult to choose the right model for our needs. We wanted to invite some friends for dinner in a room than isn’t too big, where a normal table would have been bulky. In the end, the table that we bought, besides being beautiful, a product with high quality craftsmanship, care in every detail, it turned out to be perfect. Elegant coffee table during the day, ideal for eating dinner with family while watching a film, it’s good for dinning with 10 people when is extended. The easy access doesn’t discourage its frequently use. So we are happy and satisfied. Without considering the kindness of all the staff that we helped from the order to the first unboxing at the day of delivery (with a lot of patience). Also the shipping, in the wood container, will be returned to the company, so, not a gram of wood, plastic, polystyrene or packaging will be thrown in the garbage. Many thanks.
It was love at first sight with our console! What can we say, other than that we are happy with the choice we made.
The highest quality product and service, anytime and anywhere.
Great product.
Great product. Very precise and robust mechanics, supported by an important and durable wooden structure. I don’t regret the money spent, and this piece will remain in my home for many years. The delivery left us speechless, keep it up. Thank you.
We had to wait a bit of time for delivery, but it was worth it for a great product, versatile for all occasions, depending on the number of diners and the number of extensions. No unpleasant surprises with the materials for both the mechanisms. Very satisfied!
A product of exquisite craftsmanship made by skilled craftsmen; the simple steps to open it makes it unique. Many praises to the friendly and helpful staff in every situation.
It is really a good product, practical and useful. A very suitable solution for those looking for a low table and who at the same time wants to invite many people to their house for a nice evening. Great product.
Great product, practical, useful, handy, versatile, very sturdy and great for dinners and lunches with company, even 14 people ... and when there is no need for the extensions, in the evenings or for movies, they can be used as lap trays. Perfect furniture, very satisfied!!!
Useful, comfortable, with one single table you can solve two problems; and when closed, you don’t have bulky tables around.
Toughness, professionalism, and courtesy enclosed in a magic table.
Great table, robust but elegant at the same time. Staff was always available and well prepared to respond to all my questions. What about ... Very recommendable!
I had seen the console table on the website of LG Lesmo, but was skeptical about the strength of the product, so my wife and I decided to go and see for ourselves. The girl who showed us the product and helped us choose the wood and the available color; she also showed how to turn a small console into a table for 12 people. The console then was delivered after forty days, and the thing that struck me is how the LG Lesmo company cares for their products. The console was packed in a wooden crate that protected it from accidental knocks. Good, I am satisfied.
The table is outstanding, the staff was very competent in assembling the panels and in explaining how they lengthen the table.


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Like every project is born from a necessity or a daily need, so were born the magic table, the extendable table, the extendable console, the folding chair and the wall hanger. The problems that our customers have presented over time have become a stimulus for designing transformable furnishings with increasing functionality and suited to the modern day-to-day life needs. This is where the success of our products lies: to solve functionality and space problems with which we are forced to confront everyday.


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