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Modern Console Table


With a modern design and essential lines, these small tables can seat 10 to 16 people, depending on the model.

extending console tables 2


Classic Console Table


Simple and elegant, perfect for a classic setting, it can also give a touch of style to a modern room. A small table, it can expand to accommodate up to 14 people.

extending console tables 3


Crystal Console Table


Elegant and modern, available in black, white, or various colours so that you can furnish your home with style and imagination. Extendable to seat up to 16 guests.

extending console tables 4


Mini Console Table


Unbelievable but true: expands to seat 12 from just 35 cm wide.

extending console tables 5a


85 cm Console Table


This 85-cm wide console table can extend up to 3.20 meters and accomodate 14 people! It is also adjustable to various intermediate lengths.

extending console tables 6


XXL Expandable Console Table


From a small console table to a 3.80-meter long dining table that seats 14 to 16 guests! Available in a classic, modern or crystal top version.

LG Lesmo console tables are perfect for those who can’t or simply don’t want to have a large dining table but still wish to invite guests for dinner.

In fact, when they are completely closed, our console tables are very compact; they can be used as an office or computer desk, a hallway table, a small and handy living room table, or as a simple side table. But don’t be misled! These minute console tables can be expanded to the size of a real dining table ready to accommodate up to 14 people.

Our transformable console tables are suitable for those who want to decorate their home with dynamic furniture that will adapt to their everyday needs.

All extending console table models are available in a variety of finishes and styles: classic, modern or with a crystal top. In addition, the panel extensions used to extend this transformable table can be stored on the wall in a form of a picture! Gain more living space with the LG Lesmo products!


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  Via XXV Aprile 10, Lesmo (MB) - Italy

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