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An LG Lesmo Crystal Console Table is one of our modern console tables that will stylishly accent your home.

Perfect for those with limited space, this glass console table can be used as a hall table, a stylish piece of your bedroom furniture, a side table in your living room, or a refined and practical computer desk in your home office. You can extend your Crystal Console Table whenever you want.

Crystal top console tables will fit perfectly in a modern environment, but they will also create an unconventional design contrast to a classic atmosphere.



The LG Lesmo glass console table with a crystal top is available in different sizes, in order to accommodate easily from 8 to 14 people once it is transformed into a full-size dining table.

The crystal top can be applied both to our stylish Modern Console Tables, which have square legs and a very minimalist design and to Classic Console Tables, which have their wooden base finely crafted.

Now our glass console table is also available with a CENTRAL FOLDAWAY LEG MECHANISM! This means no more visible support leg when the table is closed! With a special mechanism, the central support leg is only needed when the table is in its expanded position.

CL85 : up to 10/12 seats

closed 85x50cm; open 85x117/185/250 cm adjustable with three 67 cm extensions

CL100: up to 8/10 seats

closed 100x50cm; open 100x108/165/220 cm adjustable with three 57 cm extensions

CXL: up to 12/14 seats

closed 100x50cm; open 100x134/217/300 cm adjustable with three 83 cm extensions

CXL85 : up to 14 seats

closed 85x50cm; open 85x117/185/250/320 cm adjustable with four 67 cm extensions with CENTRAL DISAPPEARING LEG MECHANISM included!

CXXL: up to 14/16 seats

closed 100x50cm; open 100x134/217/300/385 cm adjustable with four 83 cm extensions with CENTRAL DISAPPEARING LEG MECHANISM included!


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LG Lesmo glass console table is perfect for those who want to create a dynamic environment, adaptable to their everyday needs. Designed to save space, our console table can be used as a decorative piece of furniture when it remains closed but, once extended, it transforms into a large extendable glass dining table.

In fact, once fully extended, all our console tables can accommodate up to 16 people. You can expand your glass console table to your desired size using one, two, or all three of the panels supplied (or even four in the case of the CXXL model).



LG Lesmo glass console table with a crystal top is manufactured with high quality materials: the basic structure is made entirely of solid beech wood, which can be left unfinished or minimally finished for those who want a modern style.

The top and the panels are made of laminated fir wood, a durable material that is resistant to deformations caused by changes in temperature and humidity. They are then edged in beech, which prevents bruising or scraping of the sides of the table.

The table top is a finely secured slab of transparent, tempered glass, which is back-painted in your requested colour. A sophisticated aluminium system of gears ensures the strength and stability of this transformable table, even when it is fully extended.



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Our glass console table with a crystal top can be manufactured with the finish and colour that best suit your home design. You can choose the colour of the crystal top from our catalogue of samples or request a specific RAL shade. You can choose for the wooden structure of your console table to have visible veins or to be lacquered (a lacquer finish will make the wood grain disappear completely).

You can ask to have the crystal top and the rest of the table manufactured in the same colour or in two different shades. In addition, the table’s extensions can be stored on the wall as a picture: the print can be chosen from a collection of our limited edition copyrighted photographs, or we can print your very own photo!

The height of the glass console table is the same as of a regular dining table: 78 cm from the ground, but it does not mean you cannot request your customized height! From now on, our extendable console tables are available with a hidden support leg! With our advanced foldaway leg system, you can extract the support legs only when the table is extended, leaving its essential lines clean and graceful when it remains closed. 



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