The custom-made LG Lesmo extendable table is ideal for those who want to reconfigure the space according to their needs. This innovative custom size extendable table starts as a small dining table that, at the right moment, turns into a large table, hosting up to 22 people! Customizable in finish, colour and workmanship, it's the ideal solution for those who want to decor with elegance and functionality, with a space-saving idea.
Custom extendable table
Custom extendable table closed
Custom extendable table open with 1 extension
Custom extendable table open with 2 extensions
Custom extendable table open with 3 extensions

Discover the finishes catalogue: personalize your custom size extendable table

All LG Lesmo custom-made tables, besides being totally customizable in terms of size and shape, can also be customized in terms of finish and colour. In our catalogue there are many natural wood or open-pore brushed wood finishes, colours with opaque lacquers, crystals and grès. Each custom wooden table that comes out of our company is truly unique and unmatchable. Discover all the combinations and immediately request a quote for your customized table.
Custom extendable table top detail

Custom size extendable table: classic, modern or with special tops

The custom size table is available in the following variants: modern; classic; with crystal top and with special tops, such as grès porcelain stoneware. The custom size modern table is characterized by essential lines, a simple but refined design: LG Lesmo products are meant for saving space but the attention to detail is far from going in the background! The custom size classic table is ideal for those who want to insert a functional piece of furniture in an environment with classic decor, not to give up functionality. The custom size table in crystal or with special tops has a precious one-centimeter thick top, available in various colours: it will make your table elegant and functional at the same time.
Custom extendable table guides detail

Custom size extendable table to furnish your home

A custom size extendable table is perfect for those who want to furnish home without wasting space and is the ideal solution for those who don't want to have a large table always opened, but at the same time do not want to give up inviting friends for dinner. Our custom size tables are simple 2/3/4/6 seater tables that can be extended according to the needs, adding one, two or three extensions: up to how many guests? Up to 22! In addition, the panels to extend the tables can be customized, stored hanging on the wall and used as a framework!
Custom extendable table guides
Custom extendable table extensions detail

How is a LG Lesmo custom size extendable table made?

Each LG Lesmo custom size table is made only with top quality materials: the supporting structure is in solid beech, covered with a real wood foil in order to obtain the desired finish. Top and extensions are made of fir blockboard, while the edges are covered in solid beech wood for greater resistance to possible blows. On the inside, instead, the table contains a sophisticated extendable anodized aluminum profile rail system: to guarantee stability at the table, even when it is fully extended.

Modern or classic base: configure your extendable table style

LG Lesmo's custom size tables are available with two base types, the modern and the classic one. The difference between the two styles lies mainly in the legs lines and table tops. While in the modern version the countertop is bevelled at 5mm on both sides and fixed to frame and legs, in the classic version the frame goes inwards a few centimeters in order to make the wooden top stand out more. The custom size table legs can be linear and finished like a square, in the modern version, or they can be turned and lighter, in the classic version.
Custom extendable table modern or classic

Customize your custom size extendable table!

Our tables are 100% customizable: you can choose the wood covering, the finish, the color, the possible inlay to be done on the top or, to decorate the room, the printing (even personalized) on the extensions to hang on the wall when not used. Make your table one of a kind: choose the print to impress on a precious extension, choosing an image from the author's photographs catalogue on the site or sending us your photo! The standard table height is 77 cm (that of a regular dining table), but it is also possible to ask for a custom height.
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