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Revolving Magic Table


The smallest of our collection: from a coffee table to a dining table for 6 to 8 people in just a few seconds! The convertible table you’ve always dreamt of is finally here: now you’ll be able to furnish your living room in a stylish and functional way.

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Folding Magic Table


Small coffee tables that can expand into folding tables for 8 to 10 people. A big table contained within a small table, perfect to be used in front of the sofa.

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Extendable Magic Table


Coffee tables that can be raised and extended to host up to 12 to 14 people. They’re also adjustable for smaller groups, according to your needs, and the extensions can be stored as a beautiful custom painting on your wall.

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Extendable Magic Table Plus


A small coffee table that in case of need can be raised and transformed into a dinner table for up to 14 people. The best space-saving solution considering the table’s starting size and its final size. It will stylishly and functionally furnish your living room.

convertible coffee tables 5


Crystal Magic Table


Elegant and refined coffee table with a crystal top which can be extended to a table for 12 to 14 people. Available in many colors to perfectly complement your existing style and furniture.

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Modern Magic Table


Essential and modern lines characterize this refined coffee table that can be converted into a dining table for 12 to 14 people. Completely customizable in color, finish and details.

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Classic Magic Table


Both classic and functional, this is the perfect solution to furnish your home elegantly without sacrificing practicality or functionality; a coffee table that becomes a dining table for 12 to 14 people.

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Oval Magic Table


These round coffee tables can be converted to dining tables for up to 12 people: perfect for both classic and modern settings. The oval magic tables are 100% customizable in color, finish and design.

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Foldaway Magic Table


The foldaway magic table, a modern coffee table, offers many different possibilities for seating 6 to 14 guests. All the tables of LG Lesmo collection are available in an ultra-modern design.

 LG Lesmo space saving table: from coffee table to dining table in just a few seconds.


The LG Lesmo space saving table is ideal for those who wish to furnish their home with style and functionality.

Transform your living room in a spacious environment with an LG Lesmo foldaway table, which changes from a simple coffee table into a dining table that can host up to 14 people in a few seconds.

Every LG Lesmo space saving table is 100% customizable: you can choose your favourite size, style, and finish to create the product, which best suits your taste and needs.

The LG Lesmo space saving table is a convertible coffee table perfect for those who have limited space but still want to enjoy living in their own home and have guests for dinner.

This small and elegant piece of living room furniture can be converted from a small coffee table into a large dining table ready to accommodate 6 to 14 people, depending on the model. Take a look at our available transformable table models and customize the most suitable one for your needs.

LG Lesmo offers its space saving table in both contemporary (MODERN, CRYSTAL or FOLDAWAY model) and classic styles (CLASSIC and OVAL model).

You can also choose the finish of your fold away table that will best suit your style and interior design by enriching the appearance of its top with a precious wood inlay or with a modern photo print. All LG Lesmo space saving tables are made of real wood: we use only the best materials in order to guarantee long-lasting products.

Our space saving table is designed so that it can be used daily. We create products to meet any need, making even the smallest of living spaces comfortable and functional.



LG Lesmo is constantly investing in the best technology available, while still 110% maintaining the originality and quality of handcrafted Italian work. To find out more about how our extendable space-saving tables, folding chairs and all our other space-saving furniture is made, come and visit our store in person and discover what Made in Italy really means. LG Lesmo is also proud not to produce disposable objects that are low-cost but have a high-impact on the environment. Our space-saving tables are designed and built with only the best materials and with respect for the environment, to serve our clients responsibly and, most importantly, so they will last over time.  



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