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Another type of the LG Lesmo’s Magic Table is this extendable coffee table, which can be raised and expanded to become a dining table that accommodates easily up to 14 people.

Available in four sizes and in different models, this extendable coffee table is adjustable not only to intermediate heights, but can be also extended to various lengths in order to accommodate different numbers of guests.

Moreover, LG Lesmo extendable coffee table extensions can be used as pictures and hung on the wall.



The LG Lesmo’s magic extendable coffee table is available in four sizes, three rectangular and one square.

This spectacular transformable table is available with a visible base, for those who prefer a high coffee table in front of their sofa, or a foldaway base, for those who prefer a modern design and a low coffee table.

You can see other versions of this extendable coffee table on our pages "Modern Magic Table", "Crystal Magic Table" and “Classic Magic Table”.

XM : 3-10/12 seats

closed 76x100 cm; open 76x157/214/270 cm adjustable with three 57 cm extensions

XQ: 4-12 seats

closed 100x100 cm; open 100x157/214/270 cm adjustable with three 57 cm extensions

XL: 4-12/14 seats

closed 85x110 cm; open 85x177/244/310 cm adjustable with three 67 cm extensions

XMplus: 3-4/14 seats

closed 76x100 cm; open 100x152/228/305 cm adjustable with three 76 cm extensions

Choose the extendable coffee table that best suits your needs. You will be able to turn your living room into a spacious dining room quickly and easily every time you host someone for dinner!


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The extendable coffee table from our Magic Tables collection is designed for those who want to host friends for dinner but don’t want to give up valuable space and mobility in the house where they live every day. In fact, this convertible coffee table can be raised and adjusted to intermediate heights to be used for a coffee with friends or working on your laptop while sitting on the couch.

Once raised completely, this extendable coffee table has the standard height of a dining table and can accommodate 4 people. If necessary, the table can be elongated with external extension panels, which can be stored on a wall as a painting.

The table, therefore, can be adjusted to different lengths, depending on how many panels you add. Fully expanded, this extendable coffee table can host up to 12 to 14 people, depending on the model.

Transform your small coffee table into a large dining table in just a few seconds!



The LG Lesmo magic extendable coffee table is made simply with high-quality materials. 100% real wood, the base and the frame are made of solid, steamed beech; for the top, which must be light and resistant over time, we use lamellar fir, laminated spruce, or beech, sealed at a later time to prevent dents on the edges.

The extendable coffee table wainscot, always made in real wood, is one of the many available finishes. The lifting mechanism is a complex system of levers and springs with hydraulic clutch that allows you to raise the table easily and effortlessly. The sophisticated aluminium rail system guarantees the solidity and stability of the table even when fully extended.



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Is it possible to customize the magic extendable coffee table so that it better complements your home? The extendable coffee table is available in many different wood styles, with classic or modern finishes, in open-pore colours or matt or shiny lacquering.

Choose within our wide collection of finishes or request a customized finish. You can also make your extendable coffee table more unique by applying one of the precious inlays available, made in real wood, or by printing an image onto one of the extension panels. You can choose your image from our catalogue of limited copyrighted prints, or you can provide us with your own.

Then you can store your extension panels like a painting! The photo from your favourite moment or of a relaxing place will turn into a table... your guests will be amazed!



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