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All our products are made of real wood. More precisely, our table tops are made of lamellar, or blockboard, fir wood. The fir we use guarantees the endurance of solid wood and also provides a rigid structure that doesn’t warp over time or due to variations in humidity or temperature. The base (or the "legs") and the frame are made of solid beech wood, a very durable material, which guarantees the solidity of the structure. The lamellar top is then beech massed, in order to protect the exposed parts, such as borders, from bruises and scratches. Finally, we cover our table tops with the customer’s preferred finish, and varnish the rest of the structure with the same colour.

At the time of delivery, you will receive a quality certificate that guarantees as follows: "All our products are made of solid, lamellar or blockboard wood. The veneer is crafted in real wood. The varnish is made from a solvent/water mix. Our company manufactures its own products in respect of all personal and environmental safety regulations”.

Underneath the Magic Table, there’s a semiautomatic hydraulic clutch mechanism: our lever and spring piston system makes it easy to lift the table. The Magic Table can be very easily adapted by only one person in minimal time. A small lever allows you to adjust the table to any height.

There are two base models to choose from: visible or foldaway. The visible base enables your coffee table to rest around 37 cm high; the foldaway base, on the other hand, lowers the table’s base and enables it to rest around 24 cm high. Both base types can be applied to all Magic Tables, except for the Oval Magic Table and the Crystal Magic Table, which are only available with a visible base. Both models can be locked to any height; be careful not to choose the foldaway model thinking it's a way to increase the height of your table: when the table isn’t completely lifted or lowered, it uses twice the effort. That means that by always keeping a foldaway base table in a non-rest position, you’ll halve the lifetime of the product. Choose a foldaway table if it’s in line with your home furniture style, but remember that the proper height to use in front of a regular sofa is the same of that of our visible base model, and that you’ll have to low your foldaway coffee table down to the ground when you aren’t using it.

The Extendable Tables are dining tables that can expand to seat 12-14 guests, depending on the model. Pointed sizes (ex: 85x110/177/244/310) are the intermediate sizes that the table can reach by adding one, two or three extension panels. The table is sold along with the 3 extension panels necessary to reach the maximum length; it's up to the customer to decide how many extension panels to use, depending on the occasion. If you are interested in a table whose maximum length is 180 cm or 245 cm, which can host maximum 8-10 people, then take a look in the Folding Tables section.

DESIGN and CLASSIC models work in the same way as any other of our extendable models. The only difference lies in their esthetical features. In either way, when they are expanded, the support legs remain always at the table’s extremes in order not to distub diners.

The crystal top model is available in XM and XL sizes; it is not available in the XQ size. It is also possible to use the crystal top on S, M and L folding models, but be aware that the glass top substantially increases the weight of the table top.  

Console tables extend with a rail system hammed with aluminum and iodized with Teflon pads that guarantee an almost infinite duration of the rail even if used daily. The structure is also supported by a central hold leg that, when closing the table, can remain visible as fifth leg, or can disappear under the table. The table, thanks to its structure and its rail mechanism, has a range, once fully assembled, of about 120 Kg per square meter. Console tables are equipped with 2, 3, or 4 additional boards (depending on model), which can be inserted depending on your need. Then, all models can be adjusted to intermediate lengths.

Console tables can be produced with a crystal top. The crystal is back-lacquered with your desired sample color or lacquered on special request with a particular color of your choice.

Each console table can be provided with a special mechanism that allows the central leg to fold up, or “disappear,” when the table is fully closed: two additional legs (one in CMS and CMM models) come out when the table is extended. In the CXXL model and in MINI models, the mechanism is always included.

The console tables can be created with either a modern base or a classic base. The only exceptions are our CMXL and CXXL models, which can only be created with a modern base.  
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No faqs found in this category

It is impossible to include the extension panels of magic and console tables into their structures, for both dimentional and functional reasons. That’s why we propose a new way to keep the tablets which are difficult to settle for those who have space issues: If you have an empty, undecorated wall you can choose to print the first extension panel and use it as a picture (the others will remain hidden behind the first). The image can be chosen among our limited edition copyrighted images (so numbered from 1 to 30; ex. 13/30) or you can choose to provide us with your own image. 

No. Images on extension panels are printed with a special technique called "tattoo-on-wood," which allows the colour to penetrate directly into wood’s pores. This guarantees the durability of the image over time and resistance to water, food and sunlight. In short, you’ll be able to treat your printed extension panel as a normal wooden panel.

You can find the link to the Prints Catalogue in the column on the right side of the product page that you are interested in.

Yes. However, the image must be a high quality one. The file’s optimal dimensions should correspond to those of the extension panel’s and the recommended resolution is 300 dpi. Doing the calculations all by yourself seems a long and bothersome practice? Don’t worry, our graphics department will handle it for you! Here are some guidelines that will help you to choose your image.


The suitable images are:

- Those taken with at least 14 megapixel resolution cameras (not cropped or resized)

- Those taken with a Reflex camera


The images that are better to be left out:

- The ones downloaded from internet (unless of high resolution and purchased on specialized sites)

- The ones taken with your smartphone or tablet


Once you have sent us the file, our graphics department will verify if it can be used and will send you a print preview.

Our showroom is open every Saturday from 10.00 to 19.00 and during the week but by APPOINTMENT ONLY. To arrange an appointment, please contact us at 039.6064996. Any days that the exhibition is closed will be reported on our site, either on the contact page or on the news that you can find on the homepage.

Operating instructions for the models:

S: 65x100 cm / 130x100 cm

Splus: 76x100 cm / 152x100 cm 


Operating instructions for the models:

M: 76x100 cm / 76x200 cm 

Q: 100x100 cm / 100x200 cm 

L: 85x110 cm / 85x220 cm 


Operating instructions for the models:

XM: 76x100 cm / 76x270 cm

XQ: 100x100 cm / 100x270 cm

XL: 85x110 cm / 85x310 cm

DXM: 76x100 cm / 76x270 cm 

DXQ: 100x100 cm / 100x270 cm 

DXL: 85x110 cm / 85x310 cm 


Operating instructions for the models:

O: 95x120 cm / 95x300 cm 


Operating instructions for the models:

CL85: 85x50 cm / 85x250 cm

CL100: 100x50 cm / 100x220 cm

CXL: 100x50 cm / 100x300 cm

CXL85: 85x50 cm / 85x320 cm

CXXL: 100x50 cm / 100x385 cm

CMS: 85x35 cm / 85x170 cm

CMM: 100x35 cm / 100x149 cm

CML: 100x35 cm / 100x205 cm

CMXL: 100x35 cm / 100x285 cm


Operating instructions for the models:

AXM: 76x100 cm / 76x270 cm 

AXQ: 100x100 cm / 100x270 cm 

AXL: 85x110 cm / 85x310 cm 



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