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All the LG Lesmo products are made from real wood; the images below are examples of the finish applied. Wood is a natural material that has unique knots and grain patterns that enhance it. Wood is a living material, and its colour will evolve over time, particularly if exposed to direct sunlight.
Nature wood
For true wood lovers, we recommend the NATUREWOOD finish, ideal for a realistic and genuine look. This type of finish best preserves the texture of the grain and the original color of the chosen wood, ensuring that the table has an authentic aesthetic, just like freshly cut wood. This finish involves the application of a 100% natural  NATUREWOOD paint, a sanding phase, and the final application of a transparent protective layer.
Open-pore wood finishes
Open-pore finishes are achieved with oak or ash. according to the grain desired. Oak usually has a straight, dense grain, while ash has ample flaming and softer grain. Both woods are stained and brushed with the desired colour; you can choose your preferred colour from the gallery below.
Opaque lacquering finishes (additional + 10%)
If you prefer not to see the grain, then a matt lacquer finish is ideal. Made with natural cellulose, the matt lacquer is a smooth finish, non-reflective and without grain. It is visually uniform and smooth to the touch.

Customize your transformable table

Do you want your extendable table to be even more customized? Choose to enrich the top with a wood inlay, a crystal top or with a print on wood. Make your coffee table or extending console unique, create your own style!