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LG Lesmo S.n.c. as previously identified, hereby summarizes the conditions of sale (or even just "General Conditions") also valid in relation to the purchase via the internet through the website of LG Lesmo brand products (hereinafter also referred to as "Products").

1) General notes

The version of the General Conditions of Sale available on the site (at the two addresses indicated above) at the time of payment is applicable to the customer.

2) Object of the contract

With these Conditions, LG LESMO sells and the Customer purchases the Products / Services (hereinafter also referred to as "Products"). What is reported in the list below precisely represents what LG offers to the Customer.

3) Price and quantity

The prices applied to the Products are those referred to in the specific listing shown in table form within the "amount" and "discount" sections, according to the units indicated in the "quantity" section.

4) Payment

The Customer, before proceeding with the confirmation of his order, undertakes to read the General Conditions of Sale in their extended version (available to both links above) and to accept them. The payment of the price or part of it, according to the payment methods indicated above (at the end of the summary table), constitutes unconditional acceptance of the Conditions of Sale.

5) Non-applicability of the new tax breaks and non-applicability of the Supplier's contribution

LG Lesmo declares that it is not available to apply the new and additional method of using the tax concessions referred to in the implementing provision 31 July 2019, n. 660057 issued by the Revenue Agency (available here). The Customer declares to be fully aware that with the acceptance of the quote formulated by the Company and, in general, the completion of the sale, will not be able to exercise this right of option as it is expressly denied by the company in the previous paragraph.

6) Delivery of the Products

If not collected directly by the Customer at the Manufacturer's headquarters in Lomagna (LC), when possible and requested, the Products can be delivered by LG to the address indicated by the Customer (if necessary, also by courier) at the price shown in the summary table. The amount may vary depending on the delivery method and range mileage, according to the specific indications given on the site ( ). Without prejudice to the conditions present in the published extended form within the site ( ;, in order to deliver the product, the presence of the customer or a trusted person is always required. If the Customer does not respect the agreements relating to the delivery, the same will come reprogrammed with additional costs to be borne exclusively by the service applicant. The delivery times estimated at the time of the order are of exclusive value indicative: LG is exonerated from any responsibility in case of delays caused by unforeseeable events, acts, facts and circumstances at the time of conclusion of the contract.

7) Right of withdrawal

The Consumer customer (pursuant to the Consumer Code) may exercise his right of withdrawal, except in the case of customized products, according to the methods indicated in the extended form ( ) and by adopting, where appropriate, the facsimile specifically made available by LG. Although not specifically regulated here, please refer to the extended version always available within the site on the pages ;


The Legal Guarantee covers all products sold by LG as the Producer of the goods. Extended and updated version of the Warranty, remains available at the web address The Legal Guarantee, which operates without the customer having to activate it or pay any sum, is valid both towards the Consumer and towards the Professional / Company according to the provisions of the Consumer Code. It applies to defects deriving from the manufacturing process that could occur:
a) during the first 24 (twenty-four) months following the date of delivery or collection of the goods, for Consumers;
b) during the first 12 (twelve) months following the delivery date or collection of the asset, for Professionals / Companies.
For the purposes of applying the Warranty, the date of delivery or collection of the goods must be proven by a delivery document issued by the Manufacturer or other document proof that shows the date of purchase, collection or delivery of the goods, as well as the identification details of the order and purchase (including the type and model of the goods). The Legal Guarantee provides for the free restoration of the goods, by repair and / or replacement of the same, in the event of construction defects or lack of conformity, ascertained and found by Manufacturer, with respect to the characteristics of the product, as identified in the accompanying documents present at the time of purchase and / or shipment. The pieces are an exception no longer in production.
Although not specifically regulated here, please refer to the extended form available on the page:


Pursuant to art. 13 EU Reg. 679/2016 the processing of personal data of the LG Lesmo Customer will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and protection of its confidentiality and your rights. The Customer is also informed that:
1) your personal data will be processed for purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the existing relationship with LG Lesmo, which Holder of the treatment

  1. for the inclusion of personal data in the company's IT databases;
  2. for keeping the accounts;
  3. for the management of receipts and payments;
  4. to fulfill the obligations established by the civil, fiscal, tax laws, regulations, community legislation;
2) your personal data will be processed through paper and electronic media, in compliance with technical and organizational measures adequate to guarantee an adequate level of security for risk of processing; 3) the processing of your personal data will be mandatory in order to fulfill the obligations deriving from the contract and to comply with the law and which, therefore, will not require a consent (failure to provide them could make it impossible for LG to fulfill contractual obligations); 4) at any time you can exercise, towards LG, your rights summarized as follows: a) right of access, b) right to copy, c) right to update and modify, d) right to object, e) right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority (Privacy Guarantor for Italy).



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