Wall foldable clothes hanger mini model
32 cm x 50 cm wall-mounted coat rack, perfect for one- and two-room homes. Small, compact and easy to apply.

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85 cm x 51 cm practical, customizable and extremely useful hanger!
Wall foldable clothes hanger wide model
90 cm x 32 cm coat rack for people that love to invite lots of guests. Customisable and discrete, it can be easily integrated into any environment.
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Wooden wall hanger: 100% customizable!

Our new proposal will make you save space, decorate the wall and at the same time amaze your guests: it's called Fold 'N' Flip and is the new LG Lesmo wall hanger! It's a structure built using only real wood and that, if necessary, can transform into an original coat rack: hanged on the wall, it can have the appearance of a mirror, a blackboard or a painting but in reality it's a modern transformable wardrobe that can hold more than 10 jackets, coats, bags and hats!


A normal wardrobe occupies a whole piece of furniture or even a room: LG Lesmo has found a practical solution for those who don't have much space available but at the same time no longer want to throw their guests coats on their bed! The Fold 'N' Flip is the modern wall hanger, made of real wood, and is just 7 cm thick from the wall! It means that you can say goodbye to the traditional bulging and bulky coat hangers, to those fixed to the ground and to all the waste of space! Do you want a decoration for your home environment, fully customizable, that turns into a practical hanger? You're in the right place then!


The structure occupies a few centimetres and can be placed comfortably behind a door, an entrance, in a corridor or inside a room. The wall hanger is definitely the best solution if you have little space available and no longer want to store your guests coats in the closet, on the bed or on the sofa. In addition, the Fold'N'Flip opens in just a few seconds!


When entering your home, your guests will be able to look themselves in the mirror, admire the fantasy or even look at your notes of the day: the LG Lesmo wall hanger is born to look like an original decoration that, as such, takes up very little space from the wall. This is when it's closed. In case of need, however, in a few seconds the structure opens and becomes a real wardrobe: internal hangers, side supports, bag holders and a base on which you can place any hat. In short, your guests will be speechless at the sight of this spectacular transformation!
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