Fold’n’Flip WIDE is one of the most spacious transformable designer coat racks that we have created. Long, elegant and customisable, WIDE is a perfect coat rack for people that love to have visitors and welcome guests to their home. Closed, it occupies little space, and looks like a decorative feature, but once opened it can hold up to 12 hangers. Thanks to this designer wall-hanging coat rack, you will no longer have jackets and coats scattered around the house!
Overall dimensions: 50 x 32 cm
Depth: only 7 cm

from 440.00 €
Overall dimensions: 85 x 51 cm 
Depth: only 7 cm 

from 640.00 €
Overall dimensions: 90 x 32 cm 
Depth: only 7 cm 

from 640,00 €

A designer wall-hanging coat rack just as you want it.

A clean, elegant and sophisticated product that also gives you an opportunity for creative expression. The designer wall-hanging coat rack is in fact not just a space-saving and extremely functional item of furniture, it is also an object that can be personalised, interpreting personal taste and style. Our designers have come up with a number of creative solutions allowing you to add a touch of style to your furnishings: you can add external knobs, allowing WIDE to be used even when closed, or have a high-resolution image on the external flap.
Print, may be customized
Wall hanger with print
Wall hanger classic

Modern, wall-mounted, space-saving coat rack.

Modern wall-mounted coat racks can easily be fitted to any wall or surface, from cement to wood. Closed, Fold’n’Flip WIDE is only 7 cm deep, 32 cm high and 90 cm wide, while open it is just 35 cm deep. Modern wall-mounted coat racks are the ideal blend of aesthetics and practicality. A coat rack that is so slim it can be placed wherever you like, in a corridor or entrance, but which is always functional and attractive.
Wall hanger detail

Multi-purpose designer coat racks

Multi-purpose and interactive, Fold’n’Flip WIDE designer wall-mounted coat-racks are a versatile item of furniture. When closed, LG Lesmo WIDE coat racks are customisable pictures with a rectangular landscape frame, perfect for panoramic images and fascinating landscapes. However, once opened, the modern wall-mounted coat racks can hold up to 12 hangers, while the upper part of the lifting flap can be used as a shelf for hats and scarves.
Wall hanger wood detail
Wall hanger material detail

The quality of modern wall-mounted coat racks

WIDE are designer wall-mounted coat racks which fold closed to become a space-saving custom picture that is elegant and sophisticated as well as robust and solid. In order to guarantee pleasant and safe use, our artisans have chosen the best available materials. The wood selected is some of the most popular in the artisan carpentry sector and meet criteria of hardness and versatility. The light flap is made of pine blockboard while the frame and structure are in robust solid beechwood, guaranteeing a load capacity of 35 kg.

Customise your designer wall-mounted coat rack!

Just like the other LG Lesmo products, the designer wall-mounted coat racks are versatile and interactive. Compact, designed with clean and simple lines, WIDE coat racks can be positioned anywhere in the home as a decorative and functional element. In order to allow you to place it in any environment, our artisans can print a professional quality image on the folding flap of the designer coat rack, either chosen from our catalogue or provided by you!
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