Practical, functional and compact, the LG Lesmo Classic coat hanger is the ideal solution for those who love to receive guests for dinner, but don't want to leave jackets and coats on bed or sofa. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? The F'N'F wall hanger will solve the problem of placing your guests' jackets in just 7 cm.
Overall dimensions: 50 x 32 cm
Depth: only 7 cm

from 440.00 €
Overall dimensions: 85 x 51 cm 
Depth: only 7 cm 

from 640.00 €
Overall dimensions: 90 x 32 cm 
Depth: only 7 cm 

from 640,00 €

Wall hanger: choose your style!

The wall hanger has a depth of only 7 cm, can be placed in an entrance or bedroom and can be customized as you like. The Classic clothes hanger is available with the shutter printed with an image from the catalogue, a personalized one, or with a nice graphic surrounding 4 knobs. The graphic version will allow you to use the hanger both closed, each day using the external knobs, or opened, when there are guests.
Print, may be customized
Wall hanger with print
Wall hanger classic

Modern and compact hanger

The wall hanger is designed to perfectly adapt to any environment, 100% customizable and super compact. The wall hanger is available in three different sizes: the 85x51 cm Classic version, designed for those with the need to order up to 10 coats when receiving guests, although having limited space; the 90x32 cm Wide version, designed for those with depth problems or a preference for a panoramic solution; still contains up to 12 jackets; the 50x32 cm Mini version, designed for really small spaces, contains up to 6 hangers.
Wall hanger detail

Functional design hanger

A painting that becomes a clothes hanger, a functional solution to help you keep your home always tidy and solve the guests' wardrobe problem. The wall hanger is designed to contain 10 hangers to store with order up to 10 jackets or coats. But it's not over, when the shutter is opened it can be used as a support surface for bags and hats.
Wall hanger wood detail
Wall hanger material detail

Materials make the difference

The Classic clothes hanger holds up a load of about 35 kg, how is it possible? The reclosable wall hanger is made only with quality materials, chosen after a long and careful market research. The shutter is made of fir blockboard, solid beech and covered in real oak or ash wood; the internal structure obtained from a special rigid and resistant material (Slatewood) means that the entire coat hanger is light, but extremely sturdy.

100% customizable design wall hanger!

The entrance hanger, like all other LG Lesmo projects, is designed to be easy to use, durable and totally customizable. Would you like to furnish your entrance with a modern and original design hanger? Choose the solution with the personalized print, send your own image, our technicians will provide to impress it on the shutter. Are you looking for an even more original solution? Choose the graphics & knobs version, all the graphics are made exclusively for the Fold'N'Flip project.
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