On the following page you will find the warranty on LG Lesmo products. For further information you can contact us at 0396064996 or by email at

LG Lesmo offers the guarantee of proper functioning of the product acquired, subordinately to the following conditions:

1) the product is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the delivery date (for products invoiced to companies the warranty is 12 months)

2) the guarantee consists in the free replacement or repair of defective parts of the product

3) 3) are not covered by warranty all aesthetic parts and any parts damaged due to negligence or carelessness in the use, to maintenance performed by unauthorized personnel, to transport carried out without due care, or circumstances which, however, cannot be traced to faulty components of the product.

The manufacturer declines any responsibility that may directly or indirectly result from people or things as a result of failure to observe all specifications given in the instructions, concerning in particular the warnings in terms of usage and maintenance of the product. For articles for which it is provided or required domicile intervention, the buyer is obliged to pay a fixed right call. The replacement of the product and the prolongation of the guarantee following the reparations are exluded. Technical personnel intervenes in case of failure of the product to restore the original functioning. The document of purchase must be submitted, if necessary, to the authorized L.G. Lesmo’s network service.


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